How To Make Time For Writing

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Finding time for writing a book, let alone writing anything creative can be a huge feat for most people trying to become authors and keeping and keeping food on the table.

I designed this website with two things in mind.  The first thing is to help other writers write.  The second thing is to make sure that I write.  That’s right, if you’re stumbling around the house with that infamous illness called writers block, it came from one thing:  NOT WRITING!  And we all know how hard it is to recover from writers block.

If you are serious about your dream of writing there mustn’t be a day for the rest of your life that you go without writing.  I don’t care if it’s just a sentence, write it down.  And I will say it again, writers write!  Finding time for writing is essential to your writing career!

Always do your best to make time to write.
When you’re not writing, one day becomes two days, then two days become one week, then, you get the picture.  I’ve written a list of things that you can do to make sure you write everyday.

Never go anywhere without a pen and a pad.
If you’re a writer like me, your best ideas come when you’re out and about.  If you ever make the mistake of thinking that you’ll remember that hot idea when you get to your destination, you could be making a great mistake.  Be prepared and carry those writing utensils with you.

Create a writing journal.
Date every entry if the journal is not already dated.  Every day you write make sure you enter a summary of what you wrote in that journal.  The days you don’t write, enter the date and write a line though where the entry should be.  If too many dates with lines don’t get you writing, I don’t know what will.

Make “serious” writer friends.
As you learn through life, you will meet people that do what they say, and people that just say what they say.  It’s important to have someone in your life that is familiar with what you’re trying to accomplish.  You can support them when they need it and they can support you.

Keep reading this website.
Everything I’ve learned and know through my writing career I will be putting right here.

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